Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section shows some common questions that will help you use the system correctly regarding entering information, confidentiality assurances and problem solving.

  1. Who can use this platform?

This platform can be used by all the company stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and people from the community.

  1. How does our system work?

The whistleblowing channel is an online platform that facilitates making queries or whistleblowing reports that can be made anonymously or by providing contact information. When the whistleblowing report or query has been entered on a form specially designed so you can provide the information you have, you can follow up on this by means of an alphanumerical password you will be given.

  1. How long does it take to answer queries or whistleblowing reports?

There is a deadline of 10 days for your query to be answered. In the case of whistleblowing reports, as it is necessary to conduct an investigation the process envisages a deadline of 20 days, although this could be extended depending on the complexity of the case.

  1. Is there any assurance of the confidentiality of the whistleblowing reports made and those people making them?

The information provided in each whistleblowing report is managed exclusively by the whistleblower, the general coordinator, the investigation commission and/or the Ethics Committee, according to the complexity of the case. When a whistleblowing report is entered, the system also provides an identification number and a unique alphanumerical password, which is only known by the whistleblower and is to follow up on the status of the query or case presented.

  1. Is it better to make whistleblowing reports anonymously?

Although there is no problem with making a whistleblowing report anonymously, it is always recommendable to make them revealing your identity, as this will speed up the investigation process. In any case, the decision is up to you.

  1. Is there any assurance that there will be no reprisals for making a whistleblowing report?

The confidentiality of the system guarantees that whistleblowers will not be subject to reprisals, as the purpose is to investigate those cases made without revealing the identity of the whistleblowers.

  1. Is it necessary to have physical evidence or witnesses for the whistleblowing reports being made?

It is not necessary to have physical evidence or witnesses, but whenever evidence is available, it is crucial to provide it to facilitate the analysis of the case. It is necessary to point out that a lack of information will slow down the analysis, but whistleblowing reports will be handled with the same care.

  1. What data or information is essential and should not be left out when making a whistleblowing report?

It is recommendable to complete all the information requested by the system in step 3 of the Whistleblowing Report Questionnaire. If you are unable to provide information in all the boxes, it is recommended to state that you do not know or have no information, as appropriate. All the information provided will help to speed up the answer to the case presented.

  1. Can a whistleblowing report be made when there is only suspicion of something irregular?

If there is suspicion of some procedure or event taking place that breaches the company’s good practices, this should all the same be reported, bearing in mind that a lack of evidence will hamper analysis of the case.

  1. What can I do if I don’t know how to classify my whistleblowing report?

In the Whistleblowing Report Category it is possible to select the alternative “other” for those cases that do not match any of the categories offered or that the whistleblower does not know how to classify.

  1. Can I access the system from a computer that isn’t connected to the intranet network?

One of the characteristics assuring the confidentiality of the whistleblowing report system is that reports can be entered from any computer with Internet access. It is also important to mention that the servers hosting the platform are safeguarded by an external system, which has computer servers located in Canada and to which nobody in our company has access.

  1. What happens if I lose the identification number or password given me by the system?

You should enter the system again as if it were a new case, explaining that you have already entered a whistleblowing report but lost your password. For security reasons, the system does not send the previous identification numbers of passwords, so it is vital to safeguard the password given.

  1. My whistleblowing report is already being processed and I want to follow up on its status. What should I do?

You should enter the button “see answer,” located on the right of the platform, entering the identification number and password given you by the system. A new page will be displayed showing the information on the status of your case.

  1. Can I add new data or information if I have already made a whistleblowing report?

Of course. With the identification number and password given you by the system you should enter the “see answer” section and you can enter new information or answer any question by the administrator.

Status of whistleblowing reports and queries